Introducing the Xerox® ElemX™ Liquid Metal Printer

Our 3D Printing Solution

Round cylinder holes

The Liquid Metal Advantage
  • Total Cost of Ownership — Our technology reduces manufacturers’ Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) compared with traditional production methods.
  • Off-the-Shelf — Xerox’s 3D liquid metal technology uses cost-effective aluminum wire instead of powder, delivering a quicker cycle time while eliminating costly safety modifications required for powder-based technologies.
  • Production-Grade Parts — The ElemX can deliver production-grade parts within hours versus the weeks or more required with traditional supply chains.
The Xerox Advantage
  • More than a Century of Experience — We have consistently brought business-critical technologies to market throughout our history. We’re applying that experience to additive manufacturing.
  • A Respected Brand — We are a globally known and respected brand that customers hold to the highest standards.
  • A Global Network — We are readily able to provide high-quality service to manufacturers around the world.


Access more detailed information on the ElemX printer, including product specifications, material data sheets, design guides, and safety documentation.

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